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Used 2018 Kobelco CK3300G-2 crawler…

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Kobelco 7080

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Kobelco 7080

Kobelco 7080

Kobelco 7080

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Kobelco 7080

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Date Listed: 07-23-2020
Date Updated: 07-23-2020

Kobelco CK3300G-2

The Kobelco CK3300G-2 Crawler Crane is designed from the ground up for reliable operation, convenient maintenance and easy transport. The CK3300G-2 features a new engine that complies with EPA Tier IV Final standards. The cranes have also been designed with new energy saving assist systems known as the “G-modes”, which can achieve up to a 30% savings in fuel consumption. The “G-modes” include the auto idle stop system, energy saving winch control system, and the engine RPM limitation system. Other features of the new G-2 series includes: compact structure allowing for greatly improved transportability, larger cab design, LMI touch screen, counterweight detection device, improved counterweight self-installation mechanism, and newly improved (short) control levers. Kobelco is renowned for smart engineering and an unwavering focus on creating the best value package for lifting solutions.


- Capacity (US ton): 330

- Boom (ft): 256

- Engine: Scania DC13 084A


Max. Lifting Capacity - Crane : 330 US Tons

Max. Crane Boom Length : 295 ft

Max. Fixed Jib Combination : 256 ft 100 ft

Heavy Fixed Jib Combination : 236 ft 98 ft

Max. Lifting Capacity - Luffing : 132 US tons

Max. Luffing Boom Length : 197 ft

Max. Luffing Jib Length : 217 ft


2 drums with freefall

Block and ball

Additional main boom available

Luffing and fixed jib available

Base Machine:

Swing circle, swing brake, swing motor, 2 non freefall (front and rear) drums with 28 mm wire rope (spin resistant), boom hoist drum with 26 mm wire rope, hydraulic system, 24 volt electric system, operators cabin, air conditioning, fire extinguisher, 352,700 lbs of main counter weight, 88,200 lbs of carbody counter weight, 158.5 gallon fuel tank, 150 amp alternator, twist grip throttle,52"" wide track shoes, two 12 volt batteries, 6.0kw starter, Scania DC 13 084A engine with 444 horsepower @ 2,100 r.p.m., box mast with self lifting cylinder, 78.7 ' basic boom (29.5' (9 m) boom base section, 19.7' (6 m) boom insert, 25.6' (7.8 m) tapered insert, 3.9' (1.2m) boom tip with 11 sheaves), toe blocking plate, travel alarm, Dial type winch speed control, house lock, Kobelco standard paint, fuel saving G - modes

Boom Foot Pin:

Hydraulic Boom Foot Pin 

Tilt Cab:

15.8 degree hydraulic tilting cab 

Crane Safety Device:

Kobelco designed Touch Screen Load Moment Indicator, Hook overhoist prevention device, Boom and Overhoist auto stop, Function lock lever, Drum Turn Indicator


4 vertical translifters, including remote control device

4 Travel Motors Each crawler frame has double (2- speed) motors, one in the front and one in the rear

Auxiliary Sheave

7' 10"" Aux sheave 

Boom Hoist 

Boom Hoist Foot Pedal and Hand lever control


Twist grip type hand throttle, electrically actuated, in conjunction with a floor mounted pedal

Double Drum

Synchronized Double Drum Operation

3rd drum Hydraulic Prep

Hydraulic preparation consisting of hydraulic lines and valves

Observation Cameras

Main Drum, Aux Drum, Boom Drum, Rear and Left side


Main Boom Anemometer

Swing Limiter

Designed by Kobelco - touch technology for Operator settings


Upper Handrails installed on Main body

Rating Charts

Standard boom, Fixed Jib, Luffing Jib, Reduced Counter weight, Clam Shell & Barge Charts both Hard and LMI charts


KCROSS Kobelco Remote Observation Satellite System - Telematic remote observation system free of charge for the life of ownership

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