160t (From AC350 till AC1000-9) 843-050-22 2nd Hoist (H2) 2nd Hoist together with fly-jib fixed bridle as requirement for WIHI; H2 is Spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Resolver (hoist rotation indicator); Incl. quick couplings; incl. luffing beam with hyd. connections which are required for luffing jib retrofit; Incl. rope twist prevention and Hoist monitoring; Note: Required for luffing jib operation (WIHI) 845-660-12 SSL (Sideways Superlift) Sideways Superlift; Capacity increasing boom guy support 843-290-12 HR (Hydraulic reeving winch ) Hydraulic winch for reeving assistance; Only together with H2 843-130-12 Side mirror Mirror enabling visual observation of the superstructure cab\'s opposite side 842-370-12 Display Datalogger Display Datalogger; Data recorded by datalogger displayed on the display in the superstructure cabin 843-270-52 Fall-from-height protection system boom base section SSL Fall-from-height protection for manual operations on the main boom base section and SSL 843-270-62 Fall-from-height protection WIHI Fall-from-height protection for manual operations on the luffing jib 843-270-12 Fall-from-height protection Counterweight base plate Fall-from-height protection for manual operations with mast on the counterweight base plate Note: Required for Netherlands 843-270-22 Working platform counterweight Working platform on counterweight frame 843-200-12 Emergency lowering system HY Hydraulic interface on crane in accordance with BG (German employers’ liability insurance association requirements) in case of engine failure; Makes it possible luffing, hoisting and slewing (no movements which increases the loadmoment); \'Emergency lowering System transformer\' not included; Optional emergency lowering System transformer required if not available; Can be worked via carrier engine or assist crane with hydraulic interface; Note: Incl. Donor Interface 843-200-22 Emergency override E Electrical emergency control unit via cable; Enabling to continue crane operation in case of electrical control system failure ">
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