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About Us

Building the easiest way to buy & sell cranes

CraneWeb is a New York City based company focused on making the transaction of cranes easier. From years of experience in brokerage, we've found it's really frustrating to deal in cranes. Anytime we needed a machine the sellers disappeared at the last minute. When we needed to sell, the buyers were missing in action. Something had to give, why was it so difficult to connect with each other when the relationship would benefit both of us?

In 2009 we determined it was time to try something new. The internet was the obvious choice as it already connected people in every other industry. We built a platform for buyers and sellers to connect safely through a monitored environment. Unlike the bias alternatives, we made sure to focus on both sides of the transaction. The buyer and seller would be equals at CraneWeb.

Every time we build something new for our buyers, we are obligated to return the favor for our sellers, and vice versa. This idea is what created the balanced network that makes connecting on CraneWeb such a pleasure.

Over 25,000 crane people interact with CraneWeb each month because they feel confident in what they will find. This is what makes us feel good at the end of the day.

Until next time
- Chad, Nicole & Ben

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Phone Numbers

+1 (214) 612-7626
Billing and General Information: (214) 612-7626, Ext. 131
Customer Service: (214) 612-7626, Ext. 141
Sales: (214) 612-7626, Ext. 121
EspaƱol: (214) 612-7626, Ext. 161

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Monday-Friday - 9AM to 6PM - Central Standard Time

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Crane Web
400 E Illinois St. Suite B
Lemont, IL 60439

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[email protected]